Zomby – With Love // 4AD

Zomby – With Love // 4AD

It was almost two years ago when Zomby released his third studio album and 4AD debut, Dedication. It seemed like just yesterday, but a lot has happened in the world of Zomby within those two years. Whether it’s been the controversy regarding “Natalia’s Song” or the constant twitter beef, Zomby has kept himself busy. But honestly, he really has been keeping himself busy because his fourth studio album is finally being released on June 18th through 4AD.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zomby, there’s a lot to learn and there’s a lot you’ll never learn. For instance, will we ever really learn who Zomby is? Should we even care? And what is up with his twitter feed? Is he bored, arrogant, or just the greatest troll of all time? We’ll let you decide for yourself. Regardless of how he spends his free time, there’s so much to love about Zomby. He’s released music for numerous labels including Hyperdub, Ramp, 4AD, and most recently his own label, CVLT Music. His sound has evolved over the years but he manages to stay true to his influences of the early grime, jungle and rave scenes. His early singles such as “Spliff Dub” float masterfully between grime and dubstep, and remain favorites amongst avid dubstep fans. His debut album Where Were You In ’92 has Zomby in familiar territory, giving tribute to the ’90s rave scene with powerful singles like “Fuck Mixing. Lets Dance” and “Tears in the Rain.” In 2011 Zomby released Dedication,  his most ambitious record to date. Dedication featured guest vocals from Panda Bear, a few gun shots, and a serious lack of air horn samples. With a total of 16 tracks on the album it had an oddly short length of around 35 minutes, leaving some fans slightly unimpressed and disappointed. However, Dedication is still a great album and with tracks like “A Devil Lay Here” it’s hard to say otherwise. 

Zomby’s newest album With Love is being released on June 18th. You can still pre order the triple LP directly from 4AD here and you’ll receive a free digital download with your purchase. With tracks like “Soliloquy” (video below) and “Hall of Mirrors” it’s impossible to not get excited.

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