Turntable Basics // Anatomy of a Turntable

Turntable Basics // Anatomy of a Turntable

Learn about the anatomy of a turntable using our handy guide!

You love vinyl, we love vinyl, we ALL love vinyl! However, you can’t play your sweet limited pressings, colored vinyl variants, reissues and re-releases WITHOUT a turntable.

We realized that many people who own vinyl, are unfamiliar with turntables. We totally get it. Outside of your “all-in-one” turntables, purchasing a turntable (or upgrading your current one) can be a pretty daunting task, especially for those of us who have never owned a record player before. Direct Drive or Belt Drive? What is an Anti-Skate? What’s a stylus? How do you balance your tonearm? We hope to answer all of these questions (and more) with our handy-dandy guide.

We’ll release a new guide regularly, covering different aspects of owning a turntable. In the end, we’ll compile all of these guides into an “all-in-one” guide that you can download and print and use as a reference, or share with your friends/family!

This week, we’ll start with Turntable Basics: Anatomy of a Turntable.  So without further ado, check out our first guide below!

(Hint: click on the image for a full size version!)

**We encourage you to download and share our guide with anyone and everyone. But please, respect our hard work and do not use this as your own. 🙂



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My vinyl obsession began with a few records that were given to me as a gift. Little did I know that this was the spark that would merge my impulsive habit of collecting things and love for music into my new passion. My claim to fame? Owning all of The Mars Volta's studio releases, including the infamous 'Frances the Mute' album pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. I'm always on the lookout for the new stuff and lovingly embrace the classic stuff. I'm here to help you be on the forefront of this vinyl resurgence. Give me a shout on twitter!

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