SXSW Day 5: Q&A With Father/Daughter Records

We hung out with Jessi Frick from Father/Daughter Records during the LIBERATION showcase at SXSW.

Father/Daughter Records are two folks, bound by blood but years apart. Run out of two homes in San Francisco and Miami, the love of music brings this long distance family just that much closer. They recently released Never Young’s self-titled EP and are home to bands such as Diet Cig, Happy Diving, Cocktails, Puppy, Small World, and others.

Head over to their website here to stay up-to-date and check out their online shop here.

Father/Daughter Records have teamed up with Gold Robot Records and Professional Fans for the LIBERATION showcase during SXSW on March 21st. The showcase will take place at The Liberty from 12pm-12am. Check out the full lineup at the bottom of this page!


We got the opportunity to talk Jessi Frick from Father/Daughter Records about SXSW, vinyl, the label, and more!

Q: Are there any artists that you’re personally excited to see during SXSW?

Sheer Mag, Girl Band, Nadia, Christine And The Queens, Mitski, and Natalie Prass are at the top of my list. SXSW for me is more an opportunity to catch up with friends, take meetings, and go to shows without any sort of plan. Most excited to check out the Portals, Impose, Exploding In Sound, and Hype Hotel shows.

Q: What’s your favorite vinyl release from Father/Daughter Records?

Hard question, they’re all my favorites. Aesthetically, I love Flagland, Leapling and Bent Shapes. They’re so dynamic in their own way. The new Never Young EP with a custom etching looks really slick too.

Q: Record Store Day recently rejected Faux Real II. However, the compilation will still get released and will be available via many outlets on “Fake Grape” vinyl. Do artists approach you about recording some of the faux tracks or do you approach the project with artists in mind?

Faux Real II is still being released because the bands and I believe in it and know there are people out there who want it despite what RSD thinks. I approach artists but the song choice is up to them – only stipulation is the same song can’t be covered twice.

Q: What can we expect from Father/Daughter Records in 2015?

The beginning of the year saw releases from Diet Cig, Anomie, and Never Young. Next up is a split release with Miscreant Records for Soft Cat, an incredible folk band from Baltimore. Then the new album by Pupppy from Purchase, NY & Faux Real II in April. Re-releasing the Pure Bathing Culture EP on color vinyl + a few more releases that will take us through summer. Beyond that, I like to keep the release schedule open in case something comes along that knocks my socks off. If you live in NYC, expect to see F/D shows at both Northside Festival and CMJ.

Q: What are your thoughts on the resurgence of vinyl? Do you think it’s a trend that will continue?

I don’t think it’s a trend. Maybe it is for some people it is but for me, collecting and moving hundreds of pounds of records is far from a fleeting thing. If buying vinyl gets people to spend more than a few minutes with a record, really allows the music to sit with them, then I’m all for the trend.

Q: What is your dream vinyl pressing?

If I had Jack White’s bank account + pressing capabilities, there are a lot of things I’d do! I’ve always wanted to find a way of doing a thermochromic record, like the old Hypercolor shirts.

Q: What have you been spinning lately?

I’ve been traveling a lot so my record player has accumulated a bit of dust over the last few months but the new Leapling album on Exploding In Sound/Inflated is a thing of beauty. My weekends are normally filled with a hodgepodge of stuff including Hawaiian music, yacht rock (my husband loves Seals & Croft), and whatever weird/interesting stuff I dig up in the Amoeba used bins.

Q: If there was a fire in your house and you only had time to grab your three most favorite LP’s, what would they be?

They would probably be from my Christmas collection. I LOVE collecting holiday themed vinyl.

Q: What are some of your favorite record stores that you’ve visited (outside of your local favorites)?

Really dug Sorry State in Raleigh. I hit Radio-Active in Ft Lauderdale whenever I visit home. End of an Ear in Austin, Black Gold in Brooklyn.

Q: What is your “holy grail” vinyl? (An album you’ve been searching for but haven’t come across)

The original Harold & Maude soundtrack. Yeah it’s on Discogs but what’s the fun in that?

Q: What are some LP’s that are currently on your wantlist?

I really want the Nicktoons compilations coming out on RSD.

Q: What’s your best vinyl find?

Don’t think I’ve found it yet!

Q: What is your current most prized vinyl?

My entire collection to be honest.

LIBERATION artist lineup/set times:

12:10 PM – Dinner (Los Angeles, CA // Captured Tracks)
1:00 PM – Nicholas Nicholas (Brooklyn, NY // Miscreant Records)
1:50 PM – Spring King (Manchester, UK // Mermaid Ave)
2:40 PM – Sunflower Bean (New York, NY)
3:30 PM – Pity Sex (Ann Arbor, MI // Run For Cover)
4:20 PM – SALES (Orlando, FL)
5:10 PM – Krill (Boston, MA // Exploding In Sound)
6:00 PM – Mitski (Brooklyn, NY // Don Giovanni)
6:50 PM – Soft Cat (Baltimore, MD // Father/Daughter)
7:40 PM – Francisco The Man (Los Angeles, CA // Small Plates/Fat Possum)
8:30 PM – Small Wonder (Brooklyn, NY // Father/Daughter)
9:20 PM – Ladada (Virginia Beach, VA // Gold Robot)
10:10 PM – Young Hunting (Los Angeles, CA // Gold Robot)
11:00 PM – Monster Rally (Los Angeles, CA // Gold Robot) + Jay Stone (Oakland, CA // Gold Robot)


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