SXSW Day 2: Matrixxman // Q&A With Charlie M. Duff

We had a chance to interview Charlie (Matrixxman) for SXSW. Charlie hits us with some exciting plans about his own label, new album, current releases, and vinyl interests.



Matrixxman is a house and techno producer with recent releases on Dekmantel and Ghostly International. Tonight, Matrixxman headlines the Ghostly International SXSW 2015 Showcase. His new remix EP StuxNet features remixes by Silent Servant and Hieroglyphic Being.


You can pick up StuxNet here!

We caught up with Charlie before the SXSW madness began.


Q: My colleague saw you a couple of years back in Austin. Have you been back to
Austin since then? Or have you attended SXSW as an artist before?
3 years ago to be exact. Haven’t been back since so this is technically my first SXSW experience both as an artist and civilian!
Q: What shows are you most excited to play during this SXSW?
Shit man, I’m equally stoked for both of the shows. One is a Ghostly showcase with the Ghostly homies who are all rad and the other is a party with Marcel Dettmann and Patricia. Incredibly excited to say the least.
Q: It seems like this is a big year for electronic music at SXSW. There are so many amazing shows with pretty great artists, are there any you would like to see this year?
Yes. I am particularly keen on seeing Boris from Berghain who is playing Thursday at the Lucille Patio Lounge. Saw him at a Honey Soundsystem party a few years ago and that shit was off the hook.
Q: Recently you released a new EP with Vin Sol, Daddy Issues, what can you tell us about it? What is the creative process like when collaborating with him?
It was fun. Lately he eats a lot of vegan food which is cool because I respect my homies living healthy, you feel me?
Q: What kind of new material can we expect from Matrixxman in 2015? Are there any new releases we should keep an eye out for? Collaborations?
It’s going to be a wild ass year. So, as you may be aware, I recently dropped an EP on Dekmantel, “Nubian Metropolis” which I was absolutely thrilled about. It’s an honor to be on a label among cats like Joey Anderson and Makam. Ghostly International is also releasing a remix EP next week featuring remixes of my tunes by Silent Servant AND Hieroglyphic Being. I mean, just mentioning those two names in one sentence gets me ridiculously stoked man. Those dudes are the fucking truth. Whoa…I have to pinch myself sometimes. Anyhow I am also planning on starting a new techno only label this year since I have been increasingly distancing myself from the house stuff as of late.
Q: I was just thinking how awesome it would be to hear a full length album from yourself. Is there anything in the works or ideas you would like to share?
Damn, are you psychic or something? You read my mind 😉 My first full length album just got sent off to mastering and is slated to be dropped in the summer. More details coming along soon.
Q: What vinyl have you been listening to a lot lately?
Basically all of the disco cuts and rhythm tracks in this Ron Hardy mix:
Q: Everyone has that special gem in their collection, what is your most prized or favorite record?
A cheap but solid classic: Kleer – Keep Your Body Workin’
Q: There is a lot of appreciation for DJs that perform on vinyl. How would you compare dj’ing on vinyl vs USB or digital format?
In an ideal environment where the turntables are set up properly (e.g. somewhere like Berghain) it is amazingly fun. The sad truth is that many larger clubs and festivals are horribly set up when it comes to wax. I have lost count of how many times I brought a bag of records only to find out the tables have annoying ground hum issues or skip uncontrollably due to bass vibrations and then there’s potential feedback/monitor issues. So that being said, CDJs are truly a lifesaver. I don’t fuck with the laptop thing though. That shit takes all the fun out of it for me.
Q: Is there a record(s) that you wish you had? 
Many. I am in need of The Vision – Detroit: One Circle. In fact, I should just buy that shit when I get back from SXSW 🙂
You can catch Matrixxman tonight at the Ghostly International SXSW 2015 Showcase and the Moog Music and Switched On event with Marcel Dettman here!


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