Sufjan Stevens – Exclusive Tour Merch // Asthmatic Kitty

Sufjan Stevens – Exclusive Tour Merch // Asthmatic Kitty

Sufjan Stevens will have limited and exclusive vinyl and merch available throughout his tour!

Sufjan Stevens has just embarked on his tour in support of his new album, Carrie and Lowell, and Asthmatic Kitty has revealed exclusive tour merch that will be available at each of his stops. Of course, we’re only interested in the wax!

There will be two limited edition 7-inches available at each stop of Sufjan Stevens’ tour. There will be around 25 total per show available, and they’re limited to 1 per person (take that, scalpers!). Several dates are already sold out, so make sure you score some tickets if you haven’t already.

Here are the details for the exclusive 7-inches:

  • Epic Fail 7-inch: “Exploding Whale” b/w “Fourth of July”
    • “Sky on the Fourth of July” color variant
      • Limited to 500 copies
    • “Whale Gray with Red Splatter”
      • Limited to 500 copies






There will also be 500 Tapes of Carrie and Lowell available, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out the tour dates for Sufjan Stevens here.

Are any of you guys attending any of his shows? Sadly, his show in Dallas is already SOLD OUT so shame on us. Let us know if any of you snag a copy of the limited 7-inch and would be willing to trade or sell it for a reasonable price. 🙂

Listen to “Should Have Known Better” from the new album below:


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