Polyvinyl’s 6th Annual Garage Sale

Polyvinyl’s 6th Annual Garage Sale


Here at the Ltd. Press, we love Polyvinyl Records. Over the years they’ve released albums from artists such as Owen, Mates of State, of Montreal, and more. With such an expansive and talented roster, you’re sure to find yourself an undiscovered artist or album that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Currently, Polyvinyl is hosting their 6th Annual Garage Sale. The concept is simple: they have slightly damaged packaging, LP sleeves, gatefolds, or whatever, and you have a bunch of cash to spend on reduced priced albums! These prices are ridiculously cheap, you won’t find any better deals anywhere else. There is plenty to choose from, LPs, 7″s, and even CDs, so hurry on over to their webstore here and start spending!

Via Polyvinyl Records:

Throughout the year, we accumulate a fair amount of CDs and LPs that have slightly damaged packaging for a variety of reasons. All of the items in our Garage Sale are 100% guaranteed to play. There is absolutely no damage to the actual discs or vinyl. If you are a die hard collector whose collection must be in mint condition, this is probably not the sale for you. But, if you are looking to find some excellent gems at affordable prices, welcome home, and happy shopping. Please hurry. The sale is first come first serve and we cannot hold items back for anyone under any circumstances. Have fun browsing!


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My record collecting began in 2008 when I purchased my first 7", The Wonder Years - "Wont be Pathetic Forever". From that point on, I was a devoted fan and collector of all these Wonder Years, but more importantly, I developed my love for record collecting. My current collection contains a bunch of hardcore and pop punk records but more recently I've been interested in house, garage, grime, and dubstep. If you would like to talk music or have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a message here or on Twitter.

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