Outkast – Aquemini // Newbury Comics [LTD To 1000]

Outkast – Aquemini // Newbury Comics [LTD To 1000]

Newbury Comics has released Outkast’s Aquemini on exclusive colored vinyl.

The next album to get the “Newbury Comics treatment” is Outkast’s Aquemini. The album was released on September 29, 1998 through LaFace Records and is the follow up to 1996’s ATLiens.

After the release of their third LP, Aquemini, the “two dope boys in a Cadillac” reached a major plateau in their career. Declared a “hip-hop classic” by several hip-hop publications including the Source and Rap Pages, Aquemini blended elements of 70s soul, funk, jazz and reggae with hip-hop to create a record that opened 3 million people up to new musical possibilities for the genre. To this day Aquemini remains one of the quintessential records in hip-hop. -Newbury Comics

Aquemini will be pressed on 3xLP Gold, Blue, and Lavender Vinyl. The release is exclusive to Newbury Comics, features foil stamp numbering, and will be limited to 1000 copies.


Aquemini is out now via Newbury Comics and you can order it here.

Listen to the title track “Aquemini” below:

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