New Limited Releases from Waxmaniax on Sale Thursday 5/16

Waxmaniax will re-release Sodom’s Persecution Mania and Acid’s Self-Titled album on limited edition vinyl!

Metal label Waxmaniax will be unleashing Sodom’s Persecution Mania and Acid’s Self-Titled albums for the first time since their initial release on Friday, May 20th. They’ll be available to order via Waxmaniax on 1PM EST, May 19th.

Persecution Mania saw SODOM emerge from a niche’ underground act to world-class thrash metal frontrunners. Among other factors, the band’s progression is often credited to the inclusion of talented guitarist Frank “Blackfire” Godznik to the lineup as well as the studio wizardry of producer Harris Johns who would go on to produce several more albums for Sodom over the subsequent decades. For the first time ever, the Persecution Mania studio session is released on vinyl in its entirety with the inclusion of the ninth track from the session, a re-recording of “Outbreak of Evil” from the band’s 1985 debut MLP In the Sign of Evil.

Acid were among the first European bands to emerge in the wake of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that spawned artists such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head. Driven by the pile-driver double-bass drums of Anvill and fronted by the charismatic, leather-loving singer/dominatrix Kate de Lombaerd, the quintet soon evolved from a gritty heavy metal band into the first ever female-fronted speed metal unit, heavily inspired by the likes of Motorhead, Tank, Venom and Raven.

Both albums will have exclusive limited edition colored vinyl variants up for grabs in limited quantities:

  • Sodom – Persecution Mania
    • “Nuclear Winter” blue/black vinyl
    • Limited to 200 copies
  • Acid – Self Titles
    • Red/White/Black Splatter Vinyl
    • Limited to 100 copies

Sodom – Persecution Mania


Acid – Self Titled

You’ll be able to order both albums via Waxmaniax here.


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