Label Spotlight // Trevor Peterson – Fire Talk Records

Label Spotlight // Trevor  Peterson – Fire Talk Records

We interviewed Trevor Peterson from Fire Talk Records about his label, upcoming releases, and his vinyl collection!

Brooklyn based label, Fire Talk Records, recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary this month. Fire Talk Records has put out some great limited vinyl and cassette releases from artists such as Tjutjuna, Campfires, Woodsman, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, and more. Owner and Woodsman guitarist, Trevor Peterson, recently sat down with us for a Q&A to discuss everything about his label and his ever-growing LP collection! Read it below:

Fire Talk Records is celebrating their 5th anniversary. Congrats! So how did Fire Talk Records start?

Fire Talk started with a CDR that my band Woodsman made for our first tour. I guess we just wanted them to look a more pro so we wrote a little Fire Talk emblem on the back of those and called it FTK001. From there it grew organically, helping friends put out records and tapes and meeting people while we toured.

What were some of the challenges of starting a label?

I guess there’s the obvious financial challenges behind it but that stuff matters less than the real challenge. I think that the real challenge is being able to devote enough time to each release and helping each artist or band reach their goals.

You’ve got a few bands under the Fire Talk belt like Ancient Ocean, Tjutjuna, and even Woodsman, which is the band you’re currently involved with. How do you go about finding new bands for your label?

Finding bands has always been the thing that just happens, I’m rarely actively searching for people to work with, 9 times out of 10 it will be be a band or artist that I’m connected to in some way shape or form. Usually it’s someone I’ve seen play live or have played a show with or are friends of friends etc. I am taking a step away from that with a couple things we have coming up. I found this really great project from Tokyo on Bandcamp and I’m pursuing working with them. I haven’t signed anyone off of a demo submission yet but I definitely love getting them. I’d be stoked if I was able to do that down the road.

What’s your favorite thing about owning a label?

Man I just love music and listening to records, I’d say my favorite part is just hearing the final mastered version of an album I’m going to push out there for the first time.

What can we expect from Fire Talk Records in the future?

More of the same, putting out a few LPs and tapes every year, hopefully growing while that process evolves.

Vinyl record sales increased 32% in 2013. Do you feel that trend will continue?

I think it will continue to grow, there will be a ceiling at some point I’m sure but I’m stoked to hear about and see more young kids getting into it. Vinyl Records were a pretty foreign thing to me in middle school and it’s cool to see 13 / 14 year old kids in record stores with their parents.

Do you collect LPs? If so, how big is your collection? Any favorites?

Yes for sure. My collection shrunk quite a bit 3 years ago when I moved from Colorado to New York. I sold 2 or 300 records and kept the choice 75. That number has probably tripled since I’ve been settled. My band mate Mark has this thing where he wants to get his collection down to 100 records. Only own 100 LPs at a time and the selection can rotate as his moods changes but can never be more or less than 100 records. I don’t think I could ever do that but it’s a pretty interesting proposition.

What’s your favorite record store (outside of your local shops)?

Outside of my local shops there’s a few. I really like Aquarius in San Francisco, there’s a spot in St. Louis called Apop that I think has a pretty awesome selection of more under the radar releases, Love Garden in Lawrence Kansas has a good vibe too, I like that place.

Is there an album on LP that you’re currently on the hunt for? If so, what is it?

For a long time I was looking for Black Dice’s ‘Creature Comforts’ but recently found a copy of that ! I’ve always wanted a copy of Flying Saucer Attack’s album ‘Further’ as well as the FSA comp album ‘Distance’ both put out by Domino in the 90’s. There’s a few copies around on Discogs but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.




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