Kishi Bashi – String Quartet Live! // Joyful Noise [LTD To 500]

Kishi Bashi – String Quartet Live! // Joyful Noise [LTD To 500]

Kishi Bashi will release a new live album, String Quartet Live!, via Joyful Noise on November 15th.

Kishi Bashi fans, rejoice! Joyful Noise Recordings is releasing a brand new Kishi Bashi live album, String Quartet Live!, on November 15th.

Recorded live with string quartet, the new album (appropriately titled “String Quartet Live!”) consists of nine songs from both “151a” and “Lighght” (and one Talking Heads cover!), performed live by K and an accompanying string ensemble. Where his first two releases featured an array of percussion and electronic elements, the new live album finds K’s familiar songs reimagined, allowing his soaring vocals to take center stage above a foundation of interweaving strings. -Joyful Noise

String Quartet Live! will be available in a few different variants, including an autographed, VIP exclusive variant that’s limited to 500 copies.

  • VIP Exclusive Vinyl
    • Limited to 500 copies on Cyan & Red split color vinyl w/ Yellow splatter. Includes bonus flexi-disc, and each copy is SIGNED by Kishi Bashi himself.
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Black Vinyl


JNR166_black_vinyl_grande JNR166_blue_vinyl_copy_grande

Pre-order String Quartet Live! via Joyful Noise Recordings here.


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