JEFF The Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms // Infinity Cat [LTD To 1500]

JEFF The Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms // Infinity Cat [LTD To 1500]

JEFF The Brotherhood will release their new album, Global Chakra Rhythms, on November 13th via Infinity Cat.

There’s a reason Infinity Cat has been so quiet lately…and for good reason. They just announced a brand new album by JEFF the brotherhood, Global Chakra Rhythms!

Global Chakra Rhythmsis a psychedelic trip that recalls their more experimental pieces from The Boys R Back In Town and Rafiki’s Vision, bringing free saxophones, organs, pedal steel guitar, ghostly background vocals, and unidentifiable yet familiar textures into the mix, summoned by the beat of Jamin’s drum and shephereded by Jake’s words and guitar. -Infinity Cat

Global Chakra Rhythms will be pressed on opaque purple and opaque teal 2xLP and limited to 1500 hand-numbered copies. There are 500 copies up for grabs via Infinity Cat that come with a meditation kit including incense, a gold-dipped candle, two JEFF The Brotherhood meditation cards, and tea.

Pre-order Global Chakra Rhythms via Infinity Cat here.


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  1. locnar

    I too have the pleasure of owning the “red hood” frances the mute. Got it for $50 preordered from GSL. I remember the day it came in the mail. I love my records. And I definitely got one of the special Global Chakra Rhythyms. I woke up at 11am on tuesday, saw the annoucement. By 11:30 I was drinking coffee and staring at my verification number.


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