Inventions – Maze of Woods // Temporary Residence Limited [LTD To 300]

Inventions – Maze of Woods // Temporary Residence Limited [LTD To 300]

Temporary Residence will release the new Inventions album Maze of Woods on March 17th.

Inventions is a collaborative project between Matthew Cooper of Eluvium and Mark T. Smith of Explosions in the Sky. They’re releasing their new album, Maze of Woods, on March 17th via Temporary Residence. Maze of Woods is the follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut album.

Inventions have crafted a complex and exuberant album from an array of instruments, samples, found sounds, beats, chants, and raw bursts of noise, with a much greater emphasis on strong vocal accompaniment in every song. -Temporary Residence

Maze of Woods will be released in a standard and limited edition variant. The limited edition colored vinyl 2xLP bundle includes Inventions’ new album, Maze of Woods, plus a special additional bonus LP of remixes, featuring The Field, Leyland Kirby (Caretaker, V/Vm), and A Winged Victory for the Sullen. Only 300 copies of the limited edition colored vinyl 2xLP bundle are available, and they are pressed on “translucent red/black mystery mix” (Maze of Woods) and “clear w/ red streaks” (Remixed).

Maze of Woods – Translucent Red/Black Mystery Mix
Maze of Woods (Remixes) – Clear w/ Red Streaks


As writing this post, there are less than 40 copies of available of the Maze of Woods limited edition colored vinyl 2xLP bundle. Act fast, guys, these will likely sell out in a few hours!

Pre-order the Maze of Woods colored vinyl bundle here. SOLD OUT

Pre-order the Maze of Woods standard LP here.

UPDATE (3/17): Due to an unexpected pressing plant overrun, a limited number of Maze of Woods Remixed are available. 104 copies are available, as of this update, to be exact. Order it here

Stream the track “Springworlds” below:

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