Headphones – Self Titled // Suicide Squeeze [LTD To 1000]

Headphones – Self Titled // Suicide Squeeze [LTD To 1000]

Suicide Squeeze will release a limited 10th Anniversary Reissue of Headphones’ self-titled album on May 22nd.

Headphones’ self-titled album is getting a 10th Anniversary reissue courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.

Headphones is David Bazan’s (Pedro the Lion) and Tim Walsh’s (Pedro the Lion, TW Walsh) electronic side-project. The album is built entirely from synthesizers (no guitars!) and was originally released in 2005.

Headphones kindly tips their hat to modern stalwarts like Depeche Mode, The Flaming Lips, Kraftwerk, and Radiohead who seamlessly integrated electronics into the fabric of rock and pop music. But here, Bazan and company defy easy assumptions about music made electronically avoiding kitsch and cutesiness, delivering deft arrangements with timeless melodies and uncanny lyrical depth. -Suicide Squeeze

Headphones will be pressed on limited edition white vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. It’ll also be available as part of a bundle, which includes the following:

  • Limited edition pressing of 1k copies on white vinyl
  • Double sided insert w/ lyrics
  • Download card includes “Five Chord” as a bonus track
  • 3-color 18″ x 24″ silkscreened poster was designed by Jesse LeDoux
    • Poster bundle is limited to 200 copies

You can pre-order Headphones via Suicide Squeeze here.

Watch David Bazan perform the track “I Never Wanted You” on piano below:

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