Eline Cout – Eline Cout // Pretty Penny Records [LTD To 100]

Eline Cout – Eline Cout // Pretty Penny Records [LTD To 100]

Greer McGettrick will release her latest project, Eline Cout, via Pretty Penny Records on November 1st.

Greer McGettrick, former singer/guitarist of The Mallard, will be releasing a new album/project under pseudonym Eline Cout. The self-titled album will be released via Moses Montalvo’s San Francisco-based label, Pretty Penny Records, on October 31st.

Greer Selfie

Eline Cout will mark somewhat a departure for Greer. Her new project, a solo venture, is a collection of industrial experiments and soundscapes, a retreat from her fuzzy surf-rock sound characterized in her previous band The Mallard.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pretty Penny Records, let me fill you in. All of Pretty Penny Records releases are EXTREMELY limited. What makes each Pretty Penny Records release unique, however, is that each and and every LP cover is hand-made and features original artwork by local artists. Yes, no two cover albums will be the same, so you can bet that your copy will be one-of-a-kind.

For the Eline Cout release, McGettrick will be printing the album covers using a combination of woodcut and silkscreen. Eline Cout will be strictly limited to 100 copies, so the woodcut is a grid of one-hundred 1″ squares, and each album has one square taken away in the grid, with the last album having no squares.

Check out two of the album covers below:

Eline Cout Front Eline Cout Front Also

You can pre-order Eline Cout via Pretty Penny Records here. LP will ship on the 12th of November.

Listen to the track “Appropriation” from the Crime on the Moon compilation released in May.

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