Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last of Us OST // Mondo

Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last of Us OST // Mondo

Mondo will release the soundtrack to The Last of Us on vinyl.

Justin Ishmael has announced via his ‘Top 10 Posters of 2014 List‘ that Mondo will be releasing the soundtrack to The Last of Us on vinyl in 2015.

The Last of Us is an award-winning video game released on the PS3 and PS4 by Naughty Dog. Earlier this year, Mondo released a poster for The Last of Us by Jay Shaw & Olly Moss during SDCC.

This was one of our first steps into video games and we wanted a fresh take on the imagery for THE LAST OF US. This was originally supposed to be cover art for the vinyl album we’ll be releasing in 2015 and it’s just gorgeous. Seeing it for the first time at SDCC was a treat and the positive response it received made us confident enough to get more video game posters lined up for 2015. -Justin Ishmael, Mondo


This is definitely a must-have for us. We’ll keep you guys updated as soon as details about the vinyl release are announced!

UPDATE (7/20/15): It’s coming, folks. After previewing it at SDCC last weekend, Mondo has finally unveiled the details of The Last of Us soundtrack on vinyl!

The Last of Us will come as a 4XLP Box set, housed in a heavy duty Slip case featuring original artwork from Olly Moss & Jay Shaw, contains every audio cue from the massive hit game including cues from the 2014’s DLC “Left Behind.” 

It’ll be released online at a random time on Wednesday, July 22nd, so be sure to follow Mondo on twitter for the on sale announcement! You can read more about the release via Mondo’s new music newsletter here

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