City and Colour – If I Should Go Before You // Newbury Comics [LTD To 1000]

City and Colour – If I Should Go Before You // Newbury Comics [LTD To 1000]

Newbury Comics will release an exclusive colored variant of City and Colour’s If I Should Go Before You.

City and Colour will be releasing a new album, If I Should Go Before You, on October 9th. Newbury Comics and Dine Alone are partnering up to release a colored variant of the new album that’s exclusive to Newbury Comics.

On If I Should Go Before You, Green may have found one answer to what lies between the water and that open sky: it’s the people we hold close, and the art born out of friendship. But he will always be searching; and thus, there will always be more songs. Though this time, when he’s ready to share them again, he’ll know exactly who to turn to. -Newbury Comics

The Newbury Comics exclusive of If I Should Go Before You will be pressed on coke-bottle clear vinyl and limited to 1000 copies.


Pre-order If I Should Go Before You via Newbury Comics here.

If I Should Go Before You will also be available in two different vinyl variants directly via the City and Colour store. These variants are pressed on clear w/ black smoke vinyl (pictured below, limited to 2000 copies)  and a bone colored vinyl (limited to 1000 copies). Pre-order either of those here.




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