Chromatics’ Running From the Sun & Drumless Out On Vinyl // Italians Do It Better

Chromatics’ Running From the Sun & Drumless Out On Vinyl // Italians Do It Better

Two Chromatics Albums, Running From the Sun & Drumless are out on vinyl via Italians Do It Better.

Johnny Jewel’s record label, Italians Do It Better, has added two Chromatics Albums to their online shop, Running From the Sun & Drumless. Both are available for purchase on colored vinyl. It looks like this is the first time either of these releases are out on vinyl (someone correct us if we’re wrong) so these will likely sell fast.

Running From the Sun features a collection of outtakes from the Chromatics fourth studio album, Kill For Love.  It’s pressed on 180g Cherry Semi Clear vinyl.


Drumless is a “drumless” version of Kill For Love. It features 8 tracks from Kill For Love, however they have been completely stripped of percussion. It’s pressed on 180g Opaque Electric Mint Vinyl.


You can order both albums via the Italians Do It Better web store here.

**Thanks to our reader Ben for the info!**

Watch the video for Chromatics’ Neil Young Cover of “Into the Black” below. It’s a good one, we promise.

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