The Books – The Lemon of Pink // Vinyl Me, Please [Colored Vinyl]

The Books – The Lemon of Pink // Vinyl Me, Please [Colored Vinyl]

Vinyl Me, Please have announced The Books’ The Lemon of Pink as their November Record of the Month!

Vinyl Me, Please have unveiled their November album of the month, The Books – The Lemon of Pink.

Maybe that’s why this Books record feels so cloistered away and disconnected from the world.  There are these distractions now, a part of life I suppose, always something begging for your attention. This record begs for nothing. It is inviting without being prickly. It entreats with no tricks. It guides you and your practice of solitude to a world that isn’t jammed with your own thoughts, but instead, if you donate to it a kind of rigorous attention worthy of the patience that Zammuto, de Jong, and Doerner put into it, it transforms this world into something grander and golden. The Lemon of Pink is magical Wunderkammer, one of the last messages sent before we came to realize we need other people. The Books knew better: What may look small on the outside goes on forever within. – Jeremy D. Larson

VMP Edition Features:

  • Lemon-colored vinyl w/ hot pink splatter
  • Full-color gatefold, die-cut jacket featuring all new album art with metallic inks and foil stamping
  • 16-page full-color, full-sized booklet featuring all new artwork, extensive liner notes written by Nick Zammuto, including track-by-track commentary
  • Full album digital download card


The only way to score this limited release is to sign up and be a member of Vinyl Me, Please. You can sign up here!

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