Beach House – Depression Cherry // Sub Pop [Colored Vinyl]

Beach House will release their new album, Depression Cherry, via Sub Pop on August 28th.

Beach House have announced the release of their upcoming fifth album, Depression Cherry, via Sub Pop on August 28th. This is their follow-up to 2012’s Bloom. 

In general, this record shows a return to simplicity, with songs structured around a melody and a few instruments, with live drums playing a far lesser role. With the growing success of Teen Dream andBloom, the larger stages and bigger rooms naturally drove us towards a louder, more aggressive place; a place farther from our natural tendencies. Here, we continue to let ourselves evolve while fully ignoring the commercial context in which we exist. -Beach House

Depression Cherry is now available for pre-order in North America via Sub Pop. Both the LP and CD version swill be packaged in a red velvet sleeve, and pre-ordering the vinyl via Sub Pop will score you the limited “LOSER EDITION” on clear vinyl.

Pre-order Depression Cherry via Sub Pop here.



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  1. June 10, 2015

    Elijah Lewis Reply

    Clear? That’s boring… can’t it be cherry red?… or glow in the dark again, like Bloom was…

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