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At The Drive-In’s new album, In • Ter A • Li • A, is now up for pre-order via Rise Records.

In • Ter A • Li • A, At The Drive-In’s brand spankin’ new album is now available to pre-order via Rise Records. In • Ter A • Li • A will be released on Cinco-De-Mayo (that’s May 5th, gringos) and marks their first new album in 17 years. Holy crap, I wonder what these vatos have been up to since then?!

In • Ter A • Li • A will be pressed on Half Bone/Half Black With Bone Splatter Vinyl. It will also be available in one of MANY bundles on picture disc vinyl that’s limited to 537 copies.

There are also some other variants floating around other retailers. Check a few of them out below:

Half Classic Black & Half Oxblood with Classic Black Splatter – 600 Copies
Half Classic Black & Half Cyan Blue with Classic Black Splatter – 600 Copies
Half Grimace Purple & Half Deep Purple with Grimace Purple Splatter – 2250 Copies

Pre-order In • Ter A • Li • A via Rise Records here.



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