Allah Las – Worship the Sun // Innovative Leisure [Colored Vinyl]

Allah Las – Worship the Sun // Innovative Leisure [Colored Vinyl]

Allah Las will release their sophomore album Worship the Sun on white vinyl September 16 via Innovative Leisure.

The psychedelic California group, Allah Las, is bringing their funky vibes back with a follow up to their impressive self-titled debut. The band released their single “501-415,” off the new record. This track abounds with sounds of the olden day sunset strip and as it falls upon eager ears, it does not disappoint.

The quad decided to get together while working at Amoeba records in LA. (So, they know a thing or two about records) This far out group must have done their research because they have kept true to every aspect of the 60’s funk era from Western sounds all the way across the pond to the British invasion. Their involvement with Nick Waterhouse and his label (Formally Pres, now known as Innovative Leisure) has been a great asset to Allah Las.

Innovative Leisure will release Worship the Sun on white vinyl. Right now, Insound has a package deal for Worship the Sun and Allah Las’ Van Surfing Shirt for 10% off if you pre-order. (Thanks, Insound!)

Pre-order Worship the Sun via Insound here.

p.s. If you like Allah Las, check out Temples, one of our personal favorites.

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