Alien Day 2016 Releases // Mondo [Colored Vinyl]

Alien Day 2016 Releases // Mondo [Colored Vinyl]

Mondo will release a limited Aliens variant and the Prometheus soundtrack on vinyl for Alien Day, April 26th!

Mondo have announced their releases for Alien Day on April 26th, and it includes a ton of exclusive merch like posters, pins, and vinyl (our favorite). They’ll be releasing 2 soundtracks on 4/26: A crazy limited Aliens variant and the soundtrack for the film Prometheus.

The Aliens variant will be pressed on ultra clear vinyl with Green “Xenomorph Blood” colored liquid inside. This variant will be limited to 75 copies and will set you back a cool $225. Available at at 11AM CST on 4/26. Allotment available at South Lamar pop-up shop 4/26.

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The Prometheus soundtrack will be released on standard black vinyl and a colored variant that’s pressed on 180 Gram Engineer White with grey splatter (Limited to 1,000 copies). Available for pre-order at 11AM CST on 4/26.

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Head over to Mondo to read more about the exclusive vinyl releases as well as all of the other merch they’ll be releasing for Alien Day here.

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